Healing Room November 10th - Spirit Room, Holiday Inn - South, Sábado, 10. Novembro 2018

Appointment Description: Our goal is to create an environment of healing. The first step it to join us for a brief orientation where we will go over some of the keys for experiencing physical healing. After this you will have a brief time with two or three of our gifted healers. Although this is an important step, we are expecting healing in all of the stages of the process. After you connect with the healers we will have another brief debriefing on the experience. While you are waiting for your time with the healers or are waiting for the debriefing, you will be invited to engage the Spirit's presence.
Children: We love children attending, but they need to be accompanied by an *****.  
Location: The Healing Room registration will be on the main floor of the Holiday Inn - South. 
Parking: The hotel has free parking in the parkade attached to the hotel. 
Consider booking a prophetic appointment at 6pm on the same date and at the same location.

Healing Room November 10th - Spirit Room

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