Harmini Music Videos And Opportunities, EUA, Terça, 26. Julho 2050

Harmini / Harmini Productions would like to welcome you to the online event/release page for every music video, project, and opportunity that #Harmini / #HarminiProductions has to offer the world!

We enjoy blessing people with opportunites to get in the mix of incredible projects. As well as keeping everyone updated on all projects Harmini is working on/releasing. JOIN this event page to be apart of this incredible life changing movement!

Please note- All paid gigs/opportunities that we post on this page will require a 30% agency fee from all talent if booked. We reserve the right to take out that 30% before payment has been made to the talent who booked the job. We also reserve the right to upload any/all talent video submissions to our social media channels. We will email all talent that responds to our posts with a release form that they MUST sign and send back to us before we can consider them for booking any of these industry jobs. No exceptions. Thanks!

Please Note- Because Facebook requires an event page to have a set date/time, we simply set the date to the year 2050. That way it continues to run for the next 30+ years without interuptions. If you have any questions regarding any of this information, feel free to message Harmini or Harmini Productions and they will do their best to assist you.

Thanks and God Bless!

Harmini Music Videos And Opportunities

Queremos Dr. House no SUS
Quarta 18. Agosto 2021
Easter Egg Hunt 2018!
Sábado 31. Março 2018
Winterail 40
Sábado 17. Março 2018
Sexta 12. Outubro 2018
Anonymous - Behind the Mask
Quinta 05. Novembro 2020
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