Feilding Yellows 140th Jubilee Celebrations, Mundo, Quinta, 29. Março 2018

We are getting geared up to make Easter 2018 a huge celebration of Feilding Yellows 140 years: 1878 to 2018.

Over 500 attended the 125. Let's see if we can smash this record.

Lock it into your calendar now - Easter 2018 from Thursday 29th March to Sunday 1 April

More details and registration info will follow but to give you some idea the weekend will include:

Thursday 29 March - Get together

Friday 30 March - Lunch, guest speaker, Game, after match including auction of 140 yr. Jerseys

Saturday 31 March - Invitation game, Clare v Clare grudge match. Dinner & cabaret

Sunday 1 April Luncheon and Lattes

Please register your interest in attending.

Feilding Yellows 140th Jubilee Celebrations

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