Estrella Rapier Torchlight Tourney- hosted By Krieg Einhorn, Mundo, Sexta, 23. Fevereiro 2018

Torchlight Tourney at Estrella, Friday night hosted by Krieg Einhorn, camping in the Barony of Twin Moons. Map to be posted at a later time. TIME TO BE ADJUSTED

You and your friends gather at a tavern, the aroma of freshly baked bread manages to permeate the stench of spilled beer, sweat, and stale sawdust. A fire crackles weakly in the corner, casting long shadows upon the barkeep who continues to polish a dingy glass with his filthy rag. From these dingy premises a party of adventurers will salle forth to **** the forces of evil, setting their courage against the maniacal minions of a vile villain: The Dark Lord

Do you have the courage and skill to carve your name in the sky, etching a legacy amongst the stars?
Do you have the blackness of soul and illness of intent to halt a heroes ascendence?

Join us for a tournament of good versus evil, of mighty heroes versus vicious monsters.

The Rules:
- Heroes will have classes that determine their weapon set, decided by a random card draw.
- They will enter a dungeon encounter in which they will **** four foes in a Monster's Gauntlet, one after another. This gauntlet shall be composed of randomly drawn Monsters.
- Once they have completed their bout, Heroes shall be resurrected by the Dark Lord to join the ranks of the monsters.
- A Round is completed once all entrants have fought their Monster's Gauntlet.
- Rounds shall continue until every entrant has fought with every class, or until time is spent.

Three shall be the number of victors, and the number of victors shall be three(3)!
* Victor the First: The Hero with the most kills.
* Victor the Second. The Monster with the most kills.
* Victor the Third: The best Monster portrayal.

Come forth and levy your skill against the forces of evil and thwart the villainous plans of the Dark Lord. Fight, win, and become a legend.

When: Friday night at Estrella
Where: Krieg Einhorn- Barony of Twin Moons

Estrella Rapier Torchlight Tourney- hosted By Krieg Einhorn

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