Elevation Weekend 4 Day ALL Inclusive Healing Experience, EUA, Quinta, 09. Agosto 2018

It's one thing to know that GREATNESS is in you. It's another thing to BE GREAT. It's time to #ELEVATE

The space in between desire and manifestation is action. Healing starts with a decision. What are you doing to access your power to manifest your dreams?

​Elevation Weekend is foundational in women's practice of self-care, and personal and professional development. You learn how to be yourself and that being yourself is enough to move forward in life.​ This experience will unmask you, because the next blessing, is behind that mask. Whether it is the mask of shame, fear, unworthiness, or trauma... it is time to #ELEVATE and #HealEverything.

This 4 day experience includes hand-picked featured speakers, self-care and rejuvenation classes (kemetic yoga, bellydance, and more), catered meals, and 300+ acres of plush, sacred, scenrary that is unmatched in the DC Metropolitan area.

View our weekend itinerary and learn more about this event:

The Womb Sauna invites you to....
-SEE yourself as worthy of every good thing
-RELEASE all information in your mind, body, & spirit that is self-sabotaging
-LEARN practical & powerful tools to create the life of your dreams
-CONNECT with our powerful LEADING LADIES in their workshops
-REST yourself into the next level and shift the "sun up to sun down" work ethic
-EXPERIENCE the power of God's omnipresence in our interfaith healing service

Catch our early bird special that includes flexpay options! Valid through 12/31/2017.

Elevation Weekend 4 Day ALL Inclusive Healing Experience

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