Dynamic Dyslexia, Rabble Coffee, Sexta, 13. Julho 2018

Please join us as we enlighten and educate others about the power of Dyslexia. We will use some hands-on activities to strengthen the dyslexic mind. We will share some information that will encourage and empower those involved in the Dyslexic community.
In order to attend, each student must bring at least one of the following to class, as payment to your teacher:

Carob Chips
Unsalted Almonds
Oat Flour
Unsalted Walnuts
A monetary donation to Barter School Indy 
Something else (I agree to contact the teacher prior to class to arrange a barter item not listed)
CLASS VOLUNTEER - Every class needs 1 volunteer. This acts as your barter item. To secure the class volunteer spot, email us at barterschoolindy@gmail.com ASAP. 

Barter School Indy runs on barter. Each teacher prepares their own list of barter items, and each student must bring a barter item to attend class. Questions or concerns about barter items? Feel free to contact us at barterschoolindy@
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly has worked in the field of social services for over 20 years. She has been a full time minister for approximately 20 years. Mary Kelly is also a Transformation Coach, public speaker and a certified Orton-Gillingham Tutor. She has a husband and a teenage daughter.

Dynamic Dyslexia



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