Dance Therapy classes, Essential Hot Yoga, Quinta, 27. Setembro 2018

Founded in Oriental medicine, 'Wu Tao - The Dancing Way' Dance Therapy restores balance on all levels and brings you the peace you crave.
Wu Tao Dance Therapy is a series of flowing dances choreographed to music which connects you to your ‘qi’ or ‘life force’ energy. You learn how to reconnect with your true self through the healing nature of dance, to experience profound balance and peace.
It’s organic, innovative and dynamic, and can be practiced by everyone.
The dances and meditations were created in 2000 by Michelle Locke, a former dancer with the Western Australia Ballet Company and founder of the first school of shiatsu massage in Australia. 
The beautiful, authentic music used for the dances and meditations, have been specially composed by the respected Australian musician, Steve Richter.
The dynamic yet easy to follow 5 main dances with help to release blocked energy (Qi) and works on the Meridians that flow in the body, leaving you feeling balanced, calm and in peace.
Wu Tao is an enjoyable way to rediscover the joy of dance and healing of relaxing music and gentle movements. This program is for any age group and for any abilities with no dance experience required.
$12 per class or $60 for 6 weeks
Seniors $10 per class or $50 for 6 weeks
'Wu Tao - The Dancing Way' recognized by an International Institute for Complementary Therapy.
Licensed Instructor
Elena Petersen

Dance Therapy classes

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