16. Março 2018 - 20:00

Cyprus Swing Festival, Mundo, Sexta, 16. Março 2018

Cyprus Swing Festival — The Details

The Cyprus Swing Festival is a GO! BOOK NOW:

Join us on the weekend of the 16-18 March, 2018 for the inaugural Cyprus Swing Festival!

Book your tickets ASAP to benefit from early bird savings and enable us to spend even more money on making this a truly spectacular weekend.

Merging the best features of both camps and exchanges, the Cyprus Swing Festival offers both live bands throughout the day and roughly 15 hours of instruction, including progressive bonus streams that take the standard ‘taster session’ model and add progression throughout the weekend, all for roughly £300, assuming you book your flights and accommodation in good time.

Struggling to find a partner to sign up with? Join our ‘Swing Both Ways’ track while you wait to move off the waiting list and ensure you’ll still get to join the party and make all your bookings while the rates are still excellent — we’ll leave no dancer behind!

Reserve your ticket through Eventbrite and then await an email from us to confirm with payment. Until you pay, you don’t have a ticket!

Further details below!

Estimate of your costs:

Event Ticket = £85
Return flight example (UK Direct) = £95-£150, if booked in good time
Accommodation = 2 nights at the venue, including breakfast, for €140. Cheaper, very local alternatives available thanks to off-season bookings.
Total = ~£300 for a whole weekend of swing dancing!

Ticket Prices:

Super Early Bird Ticket (until 0010hrs on 1 Oct) = £85
Early Bird Ticket (until 0010hrs on 1 Dec) = £110
Normal Ticket (until 0010hrs on 1 Feb) = £125
Late Ticket = £140
Party Pass (all evening socials) = £35

The Levels (further updates to teaching line-up available in due course):

Improver (Luke Smith)
This track is for dancers who have covered the basics in beginner classes, including the swingout, lindy circle, texas tommy, tuck turn, other basic 8 count moves, as well as common 6 count turns and passes, but wish to develop their fundamental technique further. Your focus is on being able to master these moves so that you can execute them comfortably at a variety of tempos, using variations at will.

Intermediate (Benjamin Cook, Trisha Sewell, & Zach Goldie)
This track is for dancers who are already quite comfortable social dancing Lindy Hop on a regular basis. You have a strong understanding of the core repertoire including swingouts, lindy circle, texas tommy, tuck turns, other basic 8 count, as well as common 6 count turns and passes. You easily mix the two. You are strong with your technique, can move easily at a wide variety of tempos (dancing a little faster all the time), you’ve worked on frame, balance, and posture, and are ready to be stretched.

Advanced (Benjamin Cook, Trisha Sewell, & Zach Goldie)
This track is for dancers who have scratched that itch to “learn all the moves” and are now focussing on the core principles that make a dancer truly advanced. You watch videos of international teachers and are blown away not just by the moves they execute, but by the musicality with which they perform. You truly appreciate that it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Swing Both Ways (Trisha Sewell, Luke Smith)
This track aimed specifically at follows who can’t find a lead but still wish to join us for this amazing event. That said, it’s open to anyone who is interested in perfecting their styling, learning to both follow AND lead, switch roles repeatedly mid-dance, steal dances amongst friends, and develop their musicality. It’s all about having fun, but it’s not a stocking filler. This is a combination of Trisha Sewell’s amazing Suga Bomb series and Luke Smith’s Swing Both Way workshop. Those wishing to join the waiting list for another stream can join this as a back-up and switch to a more traditional stream as late as the weekend of the event, when you’re already in Cyprus, so your plans don’t have to hinge on being taken off the waiting list — you can commit your travel plans early, save on late booking fees, and know that you’re going to have a blast regardless!

Bonus Streams (Beth ***)
Like traditional taster lessons, the bonus streams are open to all and intended to give you a broader experience of disciplines within the world of swing dance (and slightly more exotic styles). But, unlike most taster sessions, these are designed to develop over the course of the weekend, so you can actually develop some fundamental skills as though you’d signed up to a beginners stream and use them on the dance floor! Don’t worry if you miss one, they’ll be designed so that you can turn up to any class and still benefit from a valuable learning experience with no prior knowledge.

Cyprus Swing Festival

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