24. Fevereiro 2018 - 10:00

Cosplay Carnival, Mundo, Sábado, 24. Fevereiro 2018

Cosplay Carnival is back in town with tons of great stage contests like Cosplay Karaoke, Cosplay OTP, Cosplay Group Dance Battle, Cosplay Auctions and Storage Wars!

Best of all, there are no registration fees to join any of the contests and you could WIN fantastic prizes!

Plus, you'll have great fun in games booths like Cosplay Shootout, Anime Ring Toss, Cosplay Out-of-the-Box and Cosplay Contest where you could win great prizes in or out of costume!

Join in on all the fun and excitement with tons of fashion and merchandise booths to choose from as well as a great assortment of food choices, Cosplay Carnival 2018 is tremendous fun for you, your friends and family!

Cosplay Carnival

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