Christmas Cuddle Party (+ BONUS movie time), Susanne's home, Domingo, 16. Dezembro 2018

Let's get together for a long lazy Sunday afternoon. We will have an official cuddle party starting at 2:00 and ending at 5:30. For those who wish to stay and cuddle longer, we will be watching a movie. 
In the spirit of Christmas, choose your favorite Monster movie from the following:
The Grinch with Jim CarreyWhite Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny KayeNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy ChaseA Christmas Story with Peter Billingsley
The doors open at 2:00 for you to arrive, grab a little snack, and change into pjs if you like. Doors lock at 2:30. Please allow enough time to get here before then. Tickets are $20 cash at the door or can be purchased ahead of time via Evenbrite.
It’s no secret. Touch is good for you! Good for your body, your mind, and your spirit. Nurturing consensual touch strengthens your body by lowering blood pressure, reducing cortisol, strengthening the immune system, and relieving pain. Touch bolsters you emotionally by reducing stress, lowering anxiety, and increasing your sense of trust and security. Yet, we live in a touch-deprived culture. Most of us need more human contact than we are getting. Fortunately, there are cuddle parties!
Cuddle Party is a fun, social event that provides a safe, non-sexual setting to explore communication, boundaries, and affection. A mini workshop helps set the stage for you to refine your communication skills, learn to ask for what you want, define your boundaries, and connect to others. Open cuddle time then gives you the opportunity to practice your new skills. You will have the opportunity to touch and be touched (holding hands, back rubs, spooning, and the like). You can also choose to sit and enjoy conversation over some snacks. You can even just sit and watch.
Cuddle Party may just be a short 3.5 hour break, but you will find yourself returning to your daily life feeling rejuvenated. You’ll even find the skills you learned at Cuddle Party benefitting your daily interactions. I look forward to creating this space for you to unwind, relax, and cuddle.
YOUR CUDDLE PARTY FACILITATOR:Susanne Woodward, PhD, LMT, CST brings her extensive background as a teacher and therapist to the wonderful world of cuddle parties. Susanne is a certified cuddle party facilitator offering gatherings in Tempe on a monthly basis. “Physical, mental, and emotional health are, in many ways, dependent on our ability to connect with others including our capacity to give and receive touch. Cuddle parties offer invaluable information on communication and physical affection. I love the community that we are building where people are empowered to ask for what they want and have their needs met in a safe, non-sexual environment. I consider it a great honor to provide the platform for people to connect in a loving, authentic way.”

Christmas Cuddle Party (+ BONUS movie time)

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