Candice Milner, Emma Cameron, Matty Smith, Michael Morris, Mundo, Quinta, 15. Março 2018

Four world class New Zealand songwriters on one stage!


Candice Milner, 19 is from the seemingly sleepy hollow that is the port town of Lyttelton. A young folk musician, currently gigging many week-ends (& mids) Candice's debut album 'Evergreen' was released in November 2016, reaching number 9 on the NZ Album Charts and recently made her a finalist for the 2018 NZ Folk Album Tui. Candice Milner Music

Emma Cameron has been natural born performer since she was a child, joining a band at aged 15 which morphed over the years to become Decades, who released their debut album, The Truth and Other People, through Warner Music in 2017. It's not very often this voice gets heard with the subtleties of an acoustic backing, so it's a rare treat for her to be joining this line up for a stripped back set of Decades tracks. Decades

Matty Smith is a singer songwriter with an interesting approach to music. He writes from instinct, often ignoring conventions of song structure and form. His rich and abstract lyrics mixed with Ben Edwards' sense of space and atmosphere make his upcoming album an important piece of work. It gives us a glimpse inside the mind of this very talented young artist at the beginnings of his solo career. Matty Smith

Michael Morris is a songwriter and music producer. His work is psychedelic, drawing influence from blues, folk and rock n roll.
A veteran of 10+ national tours, an Australian jaunt and a critically acclaimed album release with his band The River Jesters, Michael now branches out as a solo act on his first tour alone, visiting 20+ NZ destinations. He is currently recording his debut album Slow Loris which is expected for release late 2018 after he relocates to Europe. Michael Morris

Candice Milner, Emma Cameron, Matty Smith, Michael Morris

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