25. Maio 2018 - 13:00

Camp Weekend for Heathens, EUA, Sexta, 25. Maio 2018

Howdy! I have been talking about holding an all ***** camping retreat for atheist, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers and other secular folks! This concept started with me talking to a few friends about organizing a camping trip and has turned in to a larger idea. Basically think of summer camp for adults - with all of the campy things like canoeing, high ropes, ziplines, swimming, tie dye shirts, talent shows, capture the flag - and some ***** beverages and dancing in the evening. And of course, taking all the fun of networking with like minded folks at conferences without the conference. Right now I am still looking at the numbers to figure out how much folks will have to chip in pp to cover lodging, meals, activities and booze for Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I am estimating $325-$475 depending on which things we end up offering. I am creating this event on FB as a place holder since I am losing track of who I have talked to about this and who is interested. RSVP if you are interested and save the dates so that you can get updates all in one place! Please share with your friends that might be interested - if you have a whole group that wants come together we can work that out!

Camp Weekend for Heathens

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