07. Fevereiro 2018 - 11:00

Camp Camacho Factory Experience, Mundo, Quarta, 07. Fevereiro 2018

Get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, an intense adventure into the heart of where bold is born. Trek the rugged terrain where few have dared venture, where life-long friendships are formed and the world’s boldest cigars are forged. Zip-line through the dense jungle canopy above the mountains of Tegucigalpa. Experience the culture and cigar making tradition of Honduras; visit the tobacco fields where Original Corojo, Cuba’s famed and iconic leaf is still harvested to this day. Tour the new, state-of-the-art Camacho Cigar factory and hand-build your own custom Camacho smoke. Get schooled up by Brand Ambassador, George Rami, on how to pair rum with your favorite Camacho blends.

Camp Camacho is 4 days / 3 nights of intense immersion into where our “Live Loud” world is born.
Space is limited and only available to a select few. Book now.

(Trip cost includes all lodging, ground transportation, experiences, food, cigars, and beverages) *Airfare not included and must be booked using our travel agent.


• Visit La Tigra National Park
• Camp Camacho Welcome Reception
• Tour of the Original Corojo Farm in Jamastran
• BBQ Cookout & Swimming
• Camacho Factory Tour
• In-Depth Blending and Rolling Seminar
• Danli City & Sightseeing Tour
• Rum & Cigar Pairing


Camp Camacho Factory Experience

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