16. Junho 2018 - 15:00

Butler All 70s Gathering!, EUA, Sábado, 16. Junho 2018

Butler All 70's Yearly Gathering...We had over 300 attend this fun event the last two years, hope to keep getting the word out more to increase that figure. PLEASE invite your Classmates...I try but can't do it alone. DJ provided by LYT. Time: 3pm till you are dragged out! lol Usually it's on the patio area but some go in for the A/C to eat. Cost: is on you. Casual wear. For some reason I can't get time it starts to change on this Event so again it starts Sat. June 16th at 3:00pm last till ? Your welcome to bring a friend, ***** family member (families can eat inside with younger children), or a younger Vandalia Butler grad or older than 70's. Just reserved the Little York Tavern before dates are taken. Mark your Calendars!! Plan that vacation time for June 16th 2018..

Butler All 70s Gathering!

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