Building Portals In Augmented Reality With ARKit!, PubNub, Quinta, 26. Julho 2018

This is a free workshop for anyone. If you would like to just join us, watch, and test the apps we build in class you do not need to bring a MacBook! Whether you’re an enthusiast, a developer, or an artist, come learn how to augment reality with us!
In this session we will walk you through the process creating an AR app that places a portal to "another dimension" in the real world! All of the assets required will be available for free on the day of the event.
This live crash course on creating custom ARKit apps requires a Mac computer, XCode 9.4, and a device running iOS 11.3! Please be sure to update all of your devices before the day of the event.
More details to be announced soon, if you have a venue available for future events please email us - contactus@

Building Portals In Augmented Reality With ARKit!

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