Brian's 31st Birthday: Maunawilli then Sherwoods, Mundo, Sábado, 10. Fevereiro 2018

I'm turning 31 pretty soon. Lets try to enjoy some champagne in a waterfall. Hike time start 11 am!

Hopefully, we'll be done by 3 pm or so then head on over to Sheerwood's, my favorite place to camp! Bring friends, family, pets, drinks and food.

I'll be over in the LCP, left corner pocket. No expectations :) Just want to hang out in my hammock on the beach. Feel free to bring instruments, fire, speakers... whatever you want.

Park closes gates around 7pm or so so try to get to Waimanalo Bay Beach Park before nightfall.

Let's all celebrate life around a campfire and enjoy Hawaiian living at it's finest. Looking forward to see you animals soon :) Aloha!

Brian's 31st Birthday: Maunawilli then Sherwoods

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