16. Fevereiro 2018 - 20:00 até 23:00

Borka Balogh (HU/NL), Mundo, Sexta, 16. Fevereiro 2018


Amsterdam-based Hungarian singer/songwriter Borka Balogh emerged on the pop music scene in 2016, when her first single Let This Be The Last Song won a song contest organized by Petőfi Rádió, one of the most popular radio stations in Hungary. Endowed with a soft and dreamy voice, both a gift for building acoustic and electric guitar melodies, inspired by traditional folk from all around the world, Borka often finds herself compared favorably to artists such as AURORA, Alice Phoebe Lou, Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan. She moved to the Netherlands in March 2017, regularly plays street music in Amsterdam, and started working on her very first EP called Traces Of You, expected to be available in February 2018, from which the song Trust Me has already been released.

Vocals/Guitar:​ Borka Balogh
Keys/Backings:​ Linde Tillmanns
Guitar/Backings:​ Remy de Kok
Bass: ​Yaresh Soekhlal
Drums:​ Dany Aguirre Broca

YouTube: ​
Petőfi Radio: ​

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Borka Balogh (HU/NL)

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