Boise Welcomes Dan Johnson's "Hemingway" Concert, The Olympic Venue, Sexta, 16. Novembro 2018

The Olympic Venue in Downtown Boise welcomes Southern Americana Singer-Songwriter Dan Johnson. Johnson's latest offering, Hemingway, is a concept album in the truest sense. Along with the accompanying book of short stories, Hemingway is an epic adventure across time, intertwining the stories of characters, from touching moments of tenderness, to powerful struggles of good and evil.
Join us for this exceptional night of music. Special guest Lee Penn Sky opens the evening at 8pm.

Critics are saying: 
“Johnson’s lyrics clearly paint each picture for the listener, making the stories tangible and poignant. Amazing instrumentation accompany the songs' the emotions home." -The Country Note
“...conjures both Jennings and Cash at their darkest outlaw echoes of Prine and Kristofferson.”
“Hemingway paints a world that’s rich and contemporary, but told in a timeless fashion worthy of the album’s namesake. It’s Johnson’s best work to date and is already garnering attention both within and beyond the Lone Star State....Dan Johnson’s undertaking with Hemingway is heavy and thought provoking. I wouldn’t play it at your casual dinner party, but those with a penchant for great songwriting and storytelling will find their time invested in Hemingway well spent.” -Galleywinter
Sales proceeds benefit "Operation Hemingway," a national campaign to educate the public on the warning signs of veteran ******* and what to do if you're worried about a friend or family member.

Boise Welcomes Dan Johnson's "Hemingway" Concert

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