23. Fevereiro 2018 - 17:00 até 20:00

Bharti Kher - Messengers - India Remixed, Mundo, Sexta, 23. Fevereiro 2018

One of India's most prominent contemporary artists, Bharti Kher uses the "medium" of traditional and sperm-shaped bindis in her practice, whether employed in swirling gestures on works on paper and paintings and employed in her larger sculptural works. For Kher, the bindi - the traditional forehead dot worn by Hindu women - symbolizes a complex intersection of religious ritual, domesticity, commodity and aesthetic beauty.

Bharti Kher’s Artist Lecture will take place on Friday, February 23 from 5-6pm in Fine Arts 015, followed by and Opening Reception in the Grunwald Gallery of Art from 6-8pm.

Bharti Kher’s visit to the Indiana University campus is part of India Remixed: A Global Arts and Humanities Festival. The exhibition is sponsored by the College Arts & Humanities Institute, Indiana University the Grunwald Fund, and the IU School of Art, Architecture + Design at Indiana University. The exhibition and artist's visit are also sponsored by Hauser & Wirth, London, Zürich.

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Bharti Kher - Messengers - India Remixed

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