Better Training, Faster Healing: Fascial Responses, Mundo, Sábado, 24. Fevereiro 2018

Better Training, Faster Healing: Fascial Responses in Loaded Movement and Injury

Presented by Tom Myers - in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii!

A 2-day workshop intensive for trainers, athletic coaches, sports physios, and all fitness and exercise professionals

All our tendons, joints, ligaments, and aponeuroses are part of the interconnected fascial system. In this course, Tom Myers will review of the major fascial elements and properties and how they play out in various forms of training.

-Learn how the fascia responds in different time scales to loading, overloading, and under-loading.
-Trace the steps the fascia takes to recover from an injury – whether a surgery, a bone break or ligament tear – and why some injuries heal more quickly than others.
-Understand the different genetic properties of ‘loose’ and ‘tight’ bodies, and the best work you can work with each.
-Count all the ways the fascia talks to your brain – the neurology of the kinesthetic and interoceptive sense.
-Practice seeing bodywide patterns of movement and posture so you can program for individual success.
-You train muscles consciously, you train the brain consciously – how much better could you do with the fascia if we understood how it works?

For more information, contact:
Richard Girolami L.Ac.
CEO Silk Bridge LLC

Better Training, Faster Healing: Fascial Responses

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