08. Fevereiro 2018 - 11:00 até 12:00

Beauty and the beast presented by Atlanta Ballet 2, EUA, Quinta, 08. Fevereiro 2018

Fall in love with this celebrated fairy tale all over again with a one-hour production designed for our younger audience members, children ages 12 and under. They will be mesmerized by this enchanting tale of adventure, unlikely friendships, and the power of true love.

*No individual tickets will be sold for this show. Only groups 20 or more may reserve tickets.

Curriculum Connections: MKGM.6-8, M1GM.6-8, M2GM.6-8, M3GM.6-8 , M4GM.6-.8, M5GM.6-.8, M6GM.6-.8, , , , , TAK-6.CN1, TAHSA.RE1, TAHSA.RE2, TAHSA.CN1, , , , , , , , , , , , , , DK-6FD.2, DK-6FD.3, DK-16CR.2, DK-6CO.4

Beauty and the beast presented by Atlanta Ballet 2

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