Access Bars® 1 Day Retreat & Certification, Kihei, Quinta, 04. Outubro 2018

Access Bars® is a hands on body process for dynamic change which involves the Practitioner lightly holding 32 points on the head. The process starts to release and clear the electromagnetic charge for all the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that create and hold in place the limitations, patterns, habits and conditioning affecting every area of your life.
Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?
One of the life changing components that happens naturally with each Bars session is the element of receiving. How often do we just let go, lower our barriers, and allow another person to truly gift to us? Learning to receive is a key in inviting more of what you’re asking for into your life. The Bars facilitates receiving different than any other modality in this reality.
You will gift and receive two sessions during this class and become a Certified Practitioner. Then you can charge for sessions if you'd like!! Massage Therapists receive 8 CEU Credits for this course!
Check out this Review of Access Bars® by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin
Worst case scenario you will feel like you had a great massage! Best case scenario your whole life will change!
The cost of the class is $350
$150 Deposit is requested to secure your spot
You may also choose to pay with this link 

Access Bars® 1 Day Retreat & Certification



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