12. Fevereiro 2018 - 11:00

A Surprised Body workshop, Mundo, Segunda, 12. Fevereiro 2018

Upcoming full week at Vitlycke - Centre for Performing Arts, Tanumshede (Sweden)

From: 12.02. to the 18.02.2018
Time: 7 working days, 6 hours a day (42 hours).

Fee: 280 €
The sleeping is included.
Discounts for people that already attended previous workshops in Vitlycke. Contact via mail for more details.

Limited places. We aim to have a selected group.
For enrolments, please send Cv to: info@vitlycke.org

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"Francesco Scavetta propose a personal approach to contemporary dance, based on release-technique and contact-improvisation, influenced by his experience as a dancer and choreographer and by his practice of tai chi chuan, that links a deep transformation of the body to a delicate poetic of the movement." Danza&danza

The research that led to the creation of the performance Surprised body project will ground the workshop.
The Surprised body project is a dance project that focus on choreographical and compositional issues. In other projects, the physicality has been present, conceptually, on the same level, and with equivalent valour, with text, visual art, sound installations, use of objects, props and scenographical elements. With the SBP, we focused on a research that see the body -the movement and its relation with music and the space- as its central element.

Already as a title, Surprised body project defines a metaphorical space. The image of a body in a constant alert, escaping from a habitual daily body and from any kind of routine. The sense of “surprise” is intended as the inner state that allows us to “react” and respond, as individual and as a group. To affect each other, by any physical decision, also throughout structured improvisations and instant composition.

The workshop will be an occasion to search for specific qualities of disarticulated movement, layering the experience throughout several proposals and improvisations, challenging and intensifying the body awareness, by approaching the movement - avoiding tactics and routines
Throughout a structured score of exercises, that combines floor work, hands-on exercises, tai chi chuan and movement sequences, the physical training focuses, among other things, on: centering and gravity; on awakening the internal and external supports; on allowing isolation in the limbs and flow in the movement.

Activating the center, as engine of the movement, we will aim in letting the movement cross freely, throughout the body.

The workshop, after a first part dedicated to ground the principals of the work, will articulate
through a series of investigations on the movement and structured improvisations, intended
as a conceptual, but also physical and mental challenge.

Movement materials will be transformed and de-structured in several ways. For example, a movement phrase will be treated as a spoken phrase, where the movements
can be isolated as “words” and used to compose new phrases. The random in the phrase will be done by improvisations or composition, trying to use even small parts of movements of the original phrase as “syllables” to build new movements.

The teaching project “A surprised body” has been invited internationally in 42 countries (Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Republic of San Marino, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, Holland, Austria, Finland, India, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, Lebanon, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda and Belarus).

“When you “affect” something, you are at the same time opening yourself up to being affected in turn." (Brian Massumi)

The Surprised body project

The Surprised body project has been developing, as an ongoing creative process, while creating several new versions of the work while touring in different countries, sometimes also involving guest dancers and new composers to participate in the performance.
Surprised body project, has never been the same twice, as the structured improvisations always modified the work and local needs and possibilities dictated the shape and context of the actual event. It’s always the occasion to develop new ways of sharing knowledge about dance, while producing specific discourses in the performing arts field.
Since its première in Buenos Aires in October 2010, the project has been successfully presented in 26 countries in Europe, Asia and South America.
In 2013, we created 5 different new productions in collaboration with different dance artists and artistic structures, such as: PLATFORMA from Moscow (Russia), Reykjavik Dance Atelier and Reykjavik dance festival (Iceland), Plesni teater from Ljubljana (Slovenia), Monochrome circus/Kyoto Art Center-Kyoto (Japan) Studio-contemporary dance company/MSU-Contemporary Museum of Arts in Zagreb (Croatia). The version in Zagreb won the Price for Best performance of the year in 2014.
In 2016, we created a new version in co-production with Greenwich Dance in London (UK) and performed it in UK, Sweden and Colombia.

Born in Salerno (IT), Scavetta studied at National Academy of Dance of Rome, graduated in Theatre and Performing Arts and Post-graduated in Sciences of Communication.

Choreographer, and dancer, Francesco Scavetta is, together with Gry Kipperberg, the artistical director of the dance company Wee/Oslo. In the last years, Wee has been touring in 36 countries, becoming one of the leading companies of the Norwegian scene.

Scavetta has been giving classes and workshops, amount others, at: IMPULSTANZ/Wien, PARTS/Performing Arts Research Training Studios/Brussels, Henny Jurriëns Foundation, Amsterdam (Holland), MTD/Amsterdam, SEAD/Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy, Tanzquartier Vienna, Greenwich Dance London, K3 Hamburg and in many dance/theatre festivals around the world.
Since 2012, Scavetta has been establishing Vitlycke – Centre for performing arts, a new residency place, in the middle between Oslo and Göteborg.

Scavetta’s theatricality have often been associated with the atmosphere of a weird dream or to a playful world of a child: strange, funny, poetic and, at the same time, surprising. The performances created changes in format and aesthetic: to the delicate memories of “Daddy always wanted me to grow a pair of wings”, that looked like an old black and white movie found in the loft, we contra-posed the complex use of technology of performances like "Live*", co-produced by the Biennale of Venice. Live* won the first price at 30° Edition of the International Competition for Electro-acoustic Music of Bourges/France. The latest projects, "Hey dude, let’s stick around a bit longer this time” and “And I just stood there, watching the sky and the people below” have their conceptual starting point from a curiosity in the theme of the “consciousness” and have a different unconventional dramaturgical structure.

A Surprised Body workshop

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