A long time ago... - A Sweets So Geek Star Wars RPG One Night Event, Sweets So Geek, Sábado, 17. Novembro 2018

 The Force is strong with you...or it isn't. You're an amazing starship pilot...or you aren't. You're a proud member of the Empire...or, on second though...nah. It doesn't matter! You decide your character in the Star Wars universe and set out for adventure! 
 This is an original West End Game Star Wars D6 RPG one night event for players with no experience other than a willingness to use your imagination, explore the stars, and seek adventure in our favorite galaxy. This is designed for players 16 or older due to the late hour these events tend to run until and the ***** nature of the silliness that can ensue. Characters will be created for you, or, for a slightly higher fee, you can create your own with the game master's assistance and approval! Your ticket gets you a place at the table and a drink and snack at Sweets So Geek!

A long time ago... - A Sweets So Geek Star Wars RPG One Night Event

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