53rd Selma Jubilee with N The Know Moe Social Justice, EUA, Sexta, 02. Março 2018

Delegation of Elected Officials, Clergy, Students, Activists. Senior Citizens. 53rd Selma Jubilee in Selma, Alabama.
Selma and the Alabama Black Belt were the battlegrounds for the Voting Rights Movement that resulted in the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Alabamians stood up and peacefully fought for the right to vote. SNCC, SCLC, national churches and religious organizations, civil rights and labor organizations, and stars of the Movement supported the Alabama Voting Rights Movement. We commemorate and thank them for their work, leadership and sacrifice.
If interested email: ntheknowmoe@yahoo.com or inbox me at
N' The Know With Moe for Social Justice
Cost of transportation and hotel being arranged.

53rd Selma Jubilee with N The Know Moe Social Justice

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