50Hrs Gokul Hatha TTC (16-18 Mar, 6-8 Apr 2018), Mundo, Sexta, 16. Março 2018

Join Outta Hatha for an intensive 50hr Gokul Hatha Teacher Training Course with Mahayogi Gokul Jani Jaatinen @Gokulacandra conducted over two weekends - 16-18 March and 6-8 April 2018.
This programme is designed for yoga teachers and practitioners with an interest to deepen their knowledge of Hatha Yoga practice with Mahayogi Jani Jaatinen.

The programme will also include 4 masterclasses, which will have limited practice spots open to those who are unable to commit to the full training.

Masterclass 1 - Sat 17 March 8am-10am : Hips & Uddiyana Bandha
Understand the uddiyana bandha ("abdominal lock") in relation to our hips, and explore awareness and activation of the psoas muscle.

Masterclass 2 - Sun 18 March 8am-10am: Pelvic Floor & Lower Back
Learn about the pelvic floor and its important stabilising function, which helps to control the forward and backward movements of the sacrum.

Masterclass 3 - Sat 7 April 8am-10am: Arm Stability
Through a deeper understanding of the foundational alignment principles, core and internal muscular line activation, bandhas, and the principles of weight transfer, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your practice and rectify old habits to stabilise your arm balance practice.

Masterclass 4 - Sun 8 April 8am-10am: Feet & Deep Abdominal Muscles
Find the strength and stability of our core muscles and examine its relationship to the bandhas.

***Early Bird Prices until 25 Feb 2018***
S$950 for the full programme (50hrs)
S$70 per session for masterclasses (2hrs each)

***Normal Prices from 1 Mar 2018***
S$1100 for the full programme (50hrs)
​S$80 per session for masterclasses (2hrs each)

Friday 16th March 4.30pm-8.30pm
Saturday 17th March 8am-12pm, 1.30pm-6.30pm*
Sunday 18th March 8am-12pm, 1.30pm-6.30pm*
Friday 6th April 4.30pm-8.30pm
Saturday 7th April 8am-12pm, 1.30pm-6.30pm*
Sunday 8th April 8am-12pm, 1.30pm-6.30pm*

*NOTE: Masterclasses are held at 8am-10am on Saturdays and Sundays (Masterclasses are included in the full 50hrs programme).
​Weekend lunch breaks are at 12pm-1.30pm.

This programme is eligible for Yoga Alliance's 50hrs Continuing Education credit for yoga instructors. Please note that only participants taking the full programme (44hrs contact + 6hrs non-contact) will received certification and accreditation.

Venue: The training will be held at Core Collective @79 Anson Road. Nearest MRT is Tanjong Pagar.

Register here:

50Hrs Gokul Hatha TTC (16-18 Mar, 6-8 Apr 2018)

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