5 Elements Yoga Retreat - TADAH - May 2018, Mundo, Segunda, 07. Maio 2018

We're very excited to announce the first of the TADAH Wellness Retreats!

For this very special first event we will be welcoming the combined talents Lisa Looping and Yogalexia to bring you 5 days of yoga, aerial yoga and acro yoga. Each day is focused on one of the 5 elements of Yoga.

Experince the magic of the TADAH space. Float in the Aerial Yoga classes. Eat incredible food. Ground yourself and/or learn to fly in the Acro Yoga sessions. Visit some of the stunning local sights.
Experience the Fire of Ashtanga and the Water of Yin Yoga. Enjoy a visit to the local Hamam. Learn how to make raw chocolate treats. Enjoy the sauna. Play in the beautiful studio. Chill by the pool.

This really is a week for YOU in paradise.

At TADAH it's very important you feel at home and relaxed so included in your retreat package is the arrival day where you can arrive, eat amazing food, ground yourself and relax after your travel so you can truely enjoy the workshops which start the next monring. There is also a dedicated leaving day so you can finish your workshops on the end of the 6th day, safe in the knowledge you have a relaxing evening ahead and be fully rested and ready for your travel home. Trust us, you won't want to leave :P

We hope you can join us :)

For more information and to book your space:

5 Elements Yoga Retreat - TADAH - May 2018

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