Real Women Oppose Hillary Clinton, All Across America, Quarta, 09. Novembro 2016

NOTE: In order to make the greatest impact possible, THIS EVENT WILL BE FOR WOMEN ONLY. Please only join the guest list if you are a woman. We will create a corresponding group in support of the event and men will be welcome to join that in solidarity with us.

This is an ONGOING, no-travel-necessary event, running now through Election Day 2016. We are women across America speaking out in unison against the ridiculous, illogical notion that being a woman means supporting Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton does not speak for us, she is not fit to represent us, and if she were elected President, it would be a MAJOR SETBACK for America, for our families and our future. The strongest, smartest, feistiest, hardest-working, most independent and impactful women in America OPPOSE Hillary and we will not allow our intelligence to be insulted by the assumption that because we are female, we would choose to be represented by a candidate that would do nothing but grave harm to this nation, simply because she is also female.

Real Women Oppose Hillary Clinton

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