25. Março 2018 - 14:00 até 15:00

2018 WonderCon Disney Group Shoot., EUA, Domingo, 25. Março 2018


Date - SUNDAY, March 25, 2018
Time - 2pm until finished.
Location - 2nd Level, Anaheim Convention Center

2018 is going to be different. The group shoot **WILL NOT** be at the fountain. Instead it will be on the second level of the convention center, where the Marvel and DC group shoots are held.

2017 we became ***TOO BIG*** for the fountain, 165 cosplayers, so at the recommenation of Bill Watters we are moving it to the the 2nd level of the convention Center.

Open to all Disney cosplayers and photographers.

Disney Animated & Live action movies, Television shows and Disney theme mash-ups.

Sorry folks, but no Marvel Universe or Lucasfilm cosplay, unless it's part of Disney theme Mash-up(Jedi\Sith Princesses or Disney Avengers). Also, no DreamWorks Cosplay.

Schedule of event
WALT ERA - 1923 to 1966 (From Alice Shorts to Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Animation, Live Action and the Park)
Post Walt - 1967 to Presents (The Jungle Book to now. Animation, Live Action and the Park)
Heroes (Non Princesses and Princes)
Couples and families
MASH-UP\Pin-Up\Disney Bound (Steam punk or Star Wars)
**SPECIAL REQUEST** (IE - All Ariel's)

If you have any questions, plese post below or send me an Facebook Message.

2018 WonderCon Disney Group Shoot.

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