2018 TOUGE MAX! time attack championship Round 1(elite speedway), Mundo, Domingo, 21. Janeiro 2018

This will be the 1st ever Elite Speedway Race organized by a Singapore Series! With the addition of Elite Speedway into our calendar, it will bring all new challenges into the new year's series. (We are hosting BOTH MIMC and Elitespeedway for 2018)

With a straight of only 60meters, this is the track where driver's skills do the talking. with Up and downhills combined with gradients and nonstop cornering, it is even closer to the "Touge MAX!" spirit than MIMC. BUT! in a much safer and controlled area.

If you think that you have what it takes! We welcome you to Challenge the Series and claim the next "King of TOUGEMAX!"

Regulations/Registration at

2018 TOUGE MAX! time attack championship Round 1(elite speedway)

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