2018 INASLA Annual Meeting , NCAA Hall of Champions, Sexta, 14. Setembro 2018

With current trends of economic growth and development on the rise, the role of Landscape Architects to guide planning and design decisions with our natural resources in mind is more vital than ever. As many federally funded initiatives, upon which Landscape Architects rely, are being reduced and the value of entities, such as the National Park Service, are being questioned, we find it relevant to focus this year’s meeting around “Protecting the Natural World”.
The theme will explore such topics as the preservation of natural lands, protecting our waterways, support of public programs and facilities, grant and funding alternatives in a time of budget cuts, and the value of landscape and habitat in urban areas. Highlights will include a keynote speaker from the National Park Service and a walking tour along the White River corridor, just steps from the NCAA Museum.
Where do I park?
If you park in the White River State Park Garage (801 West Washington), you will receive a pass at the event to reduce the fee from $25.00 for the day to just $5.00.  

2018 INASLA Annual Meeting

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