2018 Bricktoberfest 5k, Osgood Town Hall, Sábado, 22. Setembro 2018

Race begins on the famous brick street in Osgood, loops around the Osgood Trails and back to Brick Street to enjoy a cold one, (if desired ;)Registration fee includes a t-shirt and beer ticket!
Race begins at 10:00amDay of registration begins at 8:00am

Registration FeesStudents12 & under: FreeStudents 12-18: $15 Pre-registration: $25 includes t-shirt/beer ticketDay of race registration: $30 Includes beer ticket & t-shirt (if available)
Registration forms will be posted to the Bricktoberfest event page, as well as this event page. 
Email registration forms to Abby Leonetti at beyoufit@gmail.com or email to 244 E State Rd 48, Osgood, IN off locations: 
Osgood Town Hall
Parking locations: Margaret Mary Health Primary Care or the Farmers Market Lot next to ***** and Ertel Law Offices.

2018 Bricktoberfest 5k

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