2018 Biggar Tilley Horsemanship Clinic, Mundo, Sexta, 22. Junho 2018

Join us at the Biggar Rec Valley arena for John and Jamie Tilley’s third clinic in Biggar.

John believes firmly in working where each horse is at, and takes the time to get to know each clinic participant and their horse, as well as any struggles or goals you have. Clinics focus on the mental aspect of a horse - improving communication, softness and feel to work together as a team. As John says, “of all the things your horse will wear, their expression is the most important.”

John has judged the H3 Trainer’s Challenge in Brandon for several years, and makes his living training horses and teaching clinics. Past clinic participants return year after year to build on their knowledge. Learn more about John and his program at

Total investment is $350.00 plus GST. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 can be etransfered to tilleyscustomcolts@sasktel.net

Green horses are welcome, but must be riding well enough to be safe in a group. Please mention if you will be riding a green horse when you register for the clinic, as these horses will be grouped together.

Overnight pens are available, but numbers are limited. Please mention if you would like an overnight pen when you register for the clinic. Camping is allowed, but hook ups are not available. Accommodations can also be reserved at the West Winds Hotel in Biggar, conveniently located across the highway from the arena. Concession food for the weekend will be available for additional charge. Water for horses is available on site.

Group times to be announced, but plan to attend Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Registrations or questions can be directed to Michyla Kielo at 306-229-4974, or kielomassage@gmail.com.

2018 Biggar Tilley Horsemanship Clinic

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